The Crunch-Free Third Trimester Core Workout You Can Do at Home

Yes, you can work those abs during pregnancy—even your last trimester—and we have the fitness expert-approved workout to help you do it safely.

4 Core Moves to Do in Your Third Trimester

It's only natural to be a little scared of working your core while you're pregnant. After all, there's a baby in that belly! And while traditional ab moves aren't right for the end of pregnancy, you can certainly give your midsection a workout while you're pregnant.

Keeping your core nice and strong during pregnancy is essential. Do you need to have a six-pack over your bump? Absolutely not. But should you think about keeping your midsection strong and functional? Of course!

We enlisted fitness expert Joselynne Boschen of health app Lifesum, to take you through a safe and effective workout you can complete while you're expecting. This set is a great one to complete during that third trimester.

"When most people think of their core, they think of abs and tummy muscles. That is partially true, but there are so many other components of the core. Crunching and sit ups are a no-no when you are in your second and third trimesters. That doesn't mean you should not work your core. The trunk of your body will be responsible for helping you during labor as well as the healing process postpartum," Boschen said of keeping up with core workouts through pregnancy.

So there you have it—avoid those crunches and give this expert-approved set a try instead!