The Lower Body Prenatal Workout Your Legs Need

Your lower half needs strength and stability too! This leg workout delivers big time.

4 Leg Moves to Do in Your Third Trimester

If you're pregnant, chances are you're concerned with keeping your back strong and your belly protected. You've likely invested in getting a certain amount of cardio in every few days, and you might be working your arms and shoulders to prepare for the challenges of hoisting a baby around all over town.

But are you thinking about working those legs? Your lower body is still important during pregnancy, so don't neglect it! If you're in search of the perfect leg workout to perform when your balance feels a bit compromised and your energy levels are low, look no further. Fitness/lifestyle expert Joselynne Boschen has assembled a great workout for pregnant women to complete during their third trimesters. The sequence Boschen—who is a trainer with health app Lifesum—swears by will keep your lower half strong and sculpted.

"Training your legs is a great way to keep yourself in shape. Doing any multi-joint movements will not only work the muscles at hand, it will increase your heart rate and challenge you cardiovascularly. All good things," Boschen told Fit Pregnancy. 

The fitness star also maintained that pregnant women shouldn't put to much pressure on themselves where exercises are concerned. "Please know and accept that your respiratory rate and capacity may not be the same as before," she added. "Approach each day and each workout differently. Do what you can and listen to your body."