The Only Third-Trimester Workout You'll Ever Need

Looking for a great at-home exercise regimen to take on ahead of your due date? Look no further.

A Full Body Workout For Your Third Trimester

Every preggo knows making it to the gym is harder than ever when you're approaching your due date. Between the exhaustion that sets in, the difficulty of moving with a fully-grown baby bump and the countless other obligations you have, finding the time, energy and willpower to sweat it out can be nearly impossible.

Our favorite solution? Find a quick, effective workout that you can squeeze in anytime, anywhere. After all, exercise has countless benefits for pregnant women and their babies—you should be sneaking in those workouts wherever possible while still listening to your body and not pushing things too far.

That's why we love this complete, well-rounded workout from fitness expert Joselynne Boschen (from the Lifesum app): It includes moves that target your whole body, incorporates stretches and can be done from your own living room. 

Our advice? Give this workout a try—and even if you can't make it through the entire thing, know you've done something really great for your body.