The Perfect Pregnancy Pilates Workout For All Trimesters (You Can Do From Home)

Not up for a risky, high-impact workout? Give this safe, gentle—yet totally effective!—celebrity Pilates plan a try. You don't even need to hit the gym!

At Home Pilates Workout For All Trimesters

You know that exercise is incredibly important for pregnant women, and if you're looking for the perfect plan for your prenatal period, we just might have your answer.

Pilates is one of the best workouts for pregnant ladies, since the practice is all about stretching and strengthening, and it offers up plenty of options for modifications. 

"Everything we do in from a safe, secure and focused place," Andrea Speir, the founder of Speir Pilates, told Fit Pregnancy. "Nothing is about pushing yourself or getting 'ripped.' We focus on how to stretch the muscles while finding that point of stability and then toning from that point. This is why Pilates is so great in general, but also why this is such a key form of fitness for expectant mamas and so highly recommended for your prenatal and postnatal exercise regimen!"

Speir put together a perfect prenatal Pilates workout video to get you started, right in the privacy of your own home—once you get clearance from your doctor. According to Speir, this sort of workout is packed with benefits: It can help increase your circulation, get your posture in check, and even help you get more sleep.

There are pregnancy-specific benefits as well: Speir shared that the core-strengthening aspect will make pushing easier during labor and help everything snap back into place faster after delivery. There's even an unexpected way these exercises can help, and it's something so few preggos discuss. "The full-body, elongating movements additionally help with constipation. Let's not pretend that isn't a pregnancy issue," Speir shared. 

It's natural for you to think about how your body will look after you give birth, but what's even more important is how your body will function both during pregnancy and after—luckily, Pilates can help with both these concerns. So give this one a go—it's a perfect workout for when you simply don't have the time or energy to hit the gym, but still know you need to do something good for your body.