The Pregnancy-Approved Move Guaranteed to Give You Great Arms

Michelle Obama-level guns, right this way.

Pregnancy Workout: Bent-Over Dumbbell Row

Believe it or not, pregnancy will likely give you a whole new appreciation for your body. It'll teach you to see it as something that functions and can do miraculous things—not just as something that should look a certain way. In light of this, let's talk about one way to get your body looking and functioning better than ever: Strength training.

Strengthening excercises won't just give your body that gorgeous definition, they'll also make every day activities that much easier...especially those activities that require juggling a kid plus a million other tasks.

This arm-centric move is one of our favorites for pregnant women. It will strengthen your back, your arms, your shoulders—all those body parts you want to activate when carrying a baby, both in your belly and your arms.

The bent-over dumbell row can be done with light weights (or even soup cans!) or something a bit heavier if you're accustomed to heavy lifting. Watch this video for a full breakdown of the move and then give it a try during your next trip to the gym.