The Pregnancy-Safe HIIT Workout to Rock Your Second Trimester

Stay strong once your reach the midpoint!

Second Trimester HIIT Workout

Working out while you're pregnant is all about two things: Safety and strength. Bodyweight training is an excellent way to achieve both of these things: You'll be amazed at how effectively equipment-free moves help you build strength and power. They also don't put nearly as much stress on your body, making them ideal picks for pregnant women. 

Like most fitness experts, trainer Jennifer Forrester believes that pregnant women should embrace modifications when working out on their own. She even believes that each trimester should welcome its own set of modifications—your body changes so rapidly, it's a great idea for you to change the way you move it based on your current stage. 

Forrester has a prenatal workout plan detailed on her app. She's also shared a second trimester-specific plan with all of us, which you can see right here. 

Forrester even broke down the steps to completing a perfect pulse squat, which she deems the perfect lower body workout for second trimester ladies:

  1. Start by squatting down until hips are almost parallel with the ground.
  2. Hold at the bottom as you pulse a few inches up and down twice.
  3. Stand up to your toes and then return to squat position and repeat.