The Shoulder Workout That’ll Prepare You For Motherhood

Shoulder training is the pregnant mom-to-be's best friend.

Pregnancy Workout: Shoulder Lateral Raise

Strong shoulders—they look great in maternity tank tops, streamline your silhouette surrounding your growing bump and give you some seriously enviable upper body definition. But more than anything else, they help your body function better than ever, keep your metabolism in good shape and allow you to you deal with everyday activities with ease. They're a mom-to-be's best friend—after all, carrying a baby around everywhere will get tiring and a strong frame is essential to making it work.

That's why we love lateral raises. The move can be done anywhere and can be completed with or without equipment, using some soup cans or weights if you're up to the challenge. You can make them progressively more difficult by adding on weight in safe increments and can expect to see fast results if you incorporate them into your prenatal workout routine.

Once you get the go-ahead from your doctor, give this video, which runs you through the steps to a perfect execution of the move, a go during your next trip to the gym. Or, if venturing out isn't in the cards, pop this video on, grab some soup cans and raise up while you Netflix.