The Totally Doable (and Safe) Third-Trimester HIIT Routine

You may be in the home stretch of pregnancy but that doesn't mean you should start slacking on your workouts. An expert shares a great routine for women in their final trimesters. 

Third Trimester HIIT Workout

You know that working out through your pregnancy is essential—even when you reach the third trimester. But despite the fact that you'll be feeling more than a little bit awkward in your changed body at this point, there is a way to make working out safe, effective and as comfortable as possible.

According to fitness expert Jennifer Forrester, pregnant women should modify their workouts depending on which stage of pregnancy they're in at any given time. The trainer says strengthening bodyweight circuits are excellent options for women who are at the tail-end of pregnancy. 

Forrester built a routine based around moves like squats and lunges, which don't just tone your lower half, they also rev your heart rate. She's also thrown some ab work in for good measure, making this a routine that hits your whole lower body. 

You can find more of Forrester's workout tips on her app, which you can get here. She's also broken down the steps to a perfect bench squat, a move she totally recommends for third trimester ladies:

  1. Stand facing a wall and extend your arms onto the walls just wider than shoulder width apart.
  2. Bend your elbow until your nose touches the wall.
  3. Reverse the movement and push your body back to the starting position. Continue for 15 reps.