Walk This Way

Walking is one of the safest and simplest pregnancy exercises

Don't want to lift weights? Don't have time for a yoga class? Try walking! It's one of the easiest ways to maintain strength and cardiovascular fitness, and it helps boost your mood, too. Start with one of the exercise programs below as a guide (as long as you have your doctor's approval, of course). You'll find directions for novice exercisers as well as active women, plus tips on staying safe while you exercise.

Big Strides

Walking was voted the No. 1 exercise by pregnant women. Here's an easy workout you can do anywhere.

Get Out and Walk

A safe, simple and fun (really!) workout that keeps you strong the whole nine months

Stride Right

Stay strong and healthy the whole nine months with our complete guide to walking and running.

Walking Paths

Visit Bugaboo.com for a great resource on walking paths around the country.