Watch This Woman Lead a Zumba Class TWO DAYS Before Her Due Date

Goals. Actual goals. 

Anyone who has ever delivered a baby knows that those final days of pregnancy are tough. You feel like you got the wind knocked out of you. You're anxious. You're unspeakably excited about what will come, but you're also sort of dreading the pain of labor. In short, you're probably not up for a high-energy workout class.

Unless you're Ana Marro.

Marro is a Zumba instructor who taught a class on July 25, literally two days before she was due to deliver. And in case you were, she didn't phone it in. She led her class with an insane amount of energy, remaining light on her feet and grinning throughout. The Texas native even managed to pull off a move that involved her bending backwards to an almost 90-degree angle. Gracefully. 

The class's participants looked (and sounded) completely amazed by their instructor, and they certainly didn't get off easy just because she was so heavily pregnant. The video shows Marro calling out her students when their energy levels start to dwindle.

Marro, who has a 1-year-old daughter, is no stranger to Zumba-ing through pregnancy: She taught while pregnant with her first child as well. "The dancing has helped both times with weight management during my pregnancy," she said, according to Daily Mail. "It also obviously helped me bounce back after the baby. Overall it keeps me motivated to stay healthy throughout my pregnancy because as all mothers know it's really easy to get carried away by bad cravings. No woman ever wants to gain way too much weight as it is hard to get off."

"I have been dancing since I was six so my body is used to being physically active all the time," she continued. "It really helps me with continuing to teach so late in my pregnancy. I am a lover of dance and fitness and I believe the healthier you are the better chances your baby has to enjoy a healthy life."

As always, we don't recommend picking up a routine like this for the first time in your third trimester. Whatever your fitness goals are, talk them over with your doctor first, and if you get the OK, go for it!