Why You Should Incorporate the Bird-Dog Into Your Pregnancy Workout

This is the best prenatal exercise move you're not doing but should be.

Pregnancy Workout: Bird Dog

Pregnancy is not easy. Anyone who has ever experienced it knows firsthand how tough it can be on the body—that's why it's so important that you strengthen that body to make sure you can carry it out with relative ease.

Bird-dogs are one of those essential moves that all pregnant women should be doing. This simple, safe move will help you get a nice strong back and core—two essential areas to work on when you're dealing with altered balance and extra weight around your midsection.

Bird-dogs are ridiculously simple to execute, but it's important that you do them with the best possible form. That's why we've created this video, which breaks down the essential move into step-by-step instructions. Try adding a few of these in daily, either during your regular workouts or as soon as you wake up every morning. They require no equipment and are super safe and effective. Make sure you do an equal number of reps on each side to get that body balanced!