Woman CrossFits While 9 Months Pregnant, Slams Haters

The athlete worked out even after her due date...and that's the right choice for her.

Emily Breeze Ross Watson is a former Division 1 athlete who has kept herself in top shape since—she's even come close to breaking CrossFit records...and she's doing it while she's full-term pregnant

The mother-to-be has continued CrossFit-ing throughout the entire duration of her pregnancy (even days after her due date has passed). It clearly takes a remarkable amount of strength, determination and discipline to continue doing tough workouts throughout a pregnancy...but not everyone seems to be in favor of what this woman is doing.

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Tonight marks my last pregnant Wednesday of bootcamp - these last 9 months have been a (wild) journey that I've fortunately been able to document and look back on through this whole process. I knew from day 1 that I was going to continue to do what I felt passionate about and done all my life so long as my pregnancy would allow. It wasn't for insta fame or vain reasons, but because I believe whole heartedly in health and wellness. I am amazed by a woman's body and equally thankful that I've been able to stay active and do what I love all the way through til the end. I feel incredibly blessed. To the thousands of supporters and family and friends who have been here for me along the way, thank you. I could not have got through all this without your love and support and (also that of my lord and savior Jesus Christ.) Finally, I am happy to say that I will be induced this Sunday and my husband and I will be bringing our healthy baby boy into the world sometime on Monday. This new world of motherhood starts so soon! So join me tonight at 6:30 for your last dose of pregnant breeze and be sure to bring all of your friends out for our block party bootcamp this Saturday at 11am @staxcharlotte for one last pre-mommy workout with me!!! Thank you all again for your support and love - I feel so blessed!!! Xoxo💙 #athletemommy #bootcamp #bestbootcampinclt #clt #cltfitness #charlotte #crossfit #dowhatyoulove #earnyourbody #fitpregnancy #fitcommunity #goaldigger #getfitcharlotte #healthiswealth #justworkout #lovewhatyoudo #motivation #inspireyourcommunity #noexcuses #pregnantlife #thankyou #fulltermpregnancy

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"Honestly, people have taken it to such extremes," the 31-year-old told TODAY of the public's reactions to her intense fitness regimen. "The craziest thing I've experienced is a lot of males' [criticisms]. And the last time I checked, there were not a lot of males carrying babies... And a lot of young people who are 22 and under; I think that's the kind of people that spend time trolling on there anyways, and don't have much else to do."

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The athlete has a large presence on social media, where she posts inspirational photos of herself working out—she never intended to cause controversy and she's certainly not the only person who assures critics that CrossFit-ing while pregnant is perfectly safe.

"I wanted to present fitness and wellness to my community, to my friends and my clients," she said. "It's caused a buzz and traveled across the world. And I'm happy for that, because I want fitness to be on a platform for folks. And I want fitness to be accessible. And I want women to feel empowered."

Ross Watson has been a CrossFit enthusiast since 2012. The natural athlete lettered in both track and basketball in college and CrossFit's intense nature appealed to her immediately. 

"[CrossFit] pushes you to find new limits and break down barriers that maybe you had built up in your mind, things that you didn't think you could accomplish," she said. "But you're able to put in that hard work and you're able to see results. I really love the intensity of it."

Ross Watson and her husband planned to have a baby this spring—had this happened, she would have competed in the CrossFit games this coming July. "Obviously, my baby's late right now, so, I'm not going to be able to do that [this year]," she said. Still, Ross Watson doesn't see her pregnancy as something that holds her back. "There were no fears. I've been with my same OB-GYN for over 11 years, and he's known me in every stage of my athletic career. So, he always assured me that pregnancy is not a disease, not an illness. It's also not one prescription for everybody. You have to listen to your body and let your body do what it's comfortable doing. And, most likely, it will allow you to do so, because that's what it's always known," she said. "Yeah, there's days when I scale things down or I modify movement, that type of thing," she said. "But compared to the rest of the world, it seems like I'm crazy or the most extreme. Whatever."