Baby Jonas Gear and Goodies

The sweet stuff Kevin and Danielle will use for bringing up their little girl.

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Bringing up baby Jonas

It's parental prerogative to share everything you love with your baby. Here's the sweet stuff that's on their registry or that they'll be introducing their bambino to.

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Disney Flicks

The couple adores 'em and hopes their daughter will too. Snow White and Cinderella are Danielle's favorites; Kevin digs Aladdin and Robin Hood.

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Classic Books

Danielle can't wait to share The Velveteen Rabbit, while Kevin has a soft spot for Are You My Mother?

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Designer Duds

Danielle's all about J.Crew's baby clothes ("I love the stuff!"). Kevin's sartorial goal is serious swag: "Her first Gucci, her first Dior and maybe some Chanel baby shoes."

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Nook Pebble Pure Infant Mattress


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Bloom Fresco Chrome Highchair

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