Baby Seat Causes Divide Between Parents

The Babocush baby seat is getting a ton of divided opinions since it promises to soothe a baby without the need for touch. Is it the most controversial baby seat?

Baby Seat Causes Divide Between Parents Babocush/Facebook

There's a 30-second clip of a baby that's going viral on the internet. This is nothing new—after all, people tend to love watching cute videos of cute babies doing cute things. But while the baby in this particular video is indeed very cute, he's not really doing anything. Still, the video has been viewed over 10 million times.

As it turns out the video hasn't gone viral because of the baby but because of the chair he's sitting in. The seat promises that the babies who sit in it will feel "held" thanks to its construction. It aims to help busy parents, which sounds like a valuable thing. So why do some people have such strong oppositions to it?

Some commenters have questioned the safety of the chair. "I am very concerned that this breaks the advice that babies should sleep on their backs," one woman wrote. "I am uncomfortable with a product which not only lays a baby on its front, but also has a pillow-in effect. Both risk factors that as a health visitor I advise parents against. Not sure I would advise my families to use this."

Other parents believe it deemphasizes the importance of parent/child bonding. "Really? Baby won't hear your heartbeat, have your smell or feel your warmth," one commenter said. "They are tiny for such a short time. Make the most of it—cleaning will be there tomorrow." Another said: "Wow if you're too busy to hold your baby why bother having one?"

With that being said, Kerry Nevins, the creator of this product, which is called Babocush, agreed that this is not a suitable replacement for a crib or cot. She does, however, support the safety of the chair and the fact that it can certainly help busy parents do a bit more while their babies rest comfortably. And while a perfect world would include parents who have all the time in the world to cradle their babies, the reality is, taking care of a child can make for a very hectic experience.

What are your thoughts on this chair?