2017 Guide to Your Favorite Disposable Diapers

There is no such thing as one-option-fits-all when it comes to covering your baby’s bum.

Guide to Diapers Mother Changing Baby Diaper Elmo Bloomberg/Getty Images

  • A new pocketed waistband on Little Snugglers keeps blowouts in check by preventing poop from creeping out the top, and Snug & Dry diapers now have four-layer protection for faster absorption.
  • Rack up rewards points easily, using its new Rewards app to scan your receipt. Watch videos and take surveys with the app for bonus points. Swap points for everything from Sephora gift cards to more diapers. 

Mom's Take: “My baby could soak a diaper in an hour or less! So I tried out Huggies Little Movers. They’re really absorbent, and they stay in place well.” Meghann Stirton, mom of two; Hiawatha, Kansas

Seventh Generation 

  • Its newly launched 5-Star Diapers are free of lotions, fragrances, and chlorine bleach (as always), but they’re now certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance.
  • Its online community, Generation Good, is where you can swap tips, ask questions, and get discounts.

Mom's Take: “I love that they don’t smell like chlorine or perfume. The shell doesn’t pill or get bunched, like others we tried, and the tabs adhere securely.” Melissa Wright, mom of one; Minneapolis


  • Its signature channel design distributes moisture evenly from front to back, which means a better fit. The new Swaddlers Overnights combine that design with a special liner to protect infant skin. 
  • Head online or use its Rewards app to enter the on-pack code from diapers and wipes you buy, to accumulate rewards points for Shutterfly photos, toys, and more. You can also donate points to nonprofits like the March of Dimes and Feeding America.

Mom's Take: “I’m a Pampers mom to the core. I love their new wetness chambers that spread the bulk out and keep a wet diaper from sagging.” Andrea Brock, mom of three; Lombard, Illinois


  • The 40-plus-year old brand is known for its diaper’s contoured shape and refastenable stretch tabs that make getting the right fit a breeze.
  • Luvs offers a no-fuss money-back guarantee if the diapers don’t work for your babe. Mail in the receipt and UPC from packaging within 45 days of purchase.

Mom's Take: “My pediatrician told me, when my oldest was born, to start with the most affordable diaper and stick with it if it works. And Luvs did—for both of my sons and my daughter.” Marisa Lengerich, mom of three; Wales, Wisconsin


  • Known for a stretchy fit and absorbency; some sizes have secondary fasteners on the front for a more secure fit.
  • Like most things at Costco, the diapers are sold in bulk, often almost 200 per box. If your baby is between sizes, consider buying the larger size so that you won’t have dozens of leftovers. 

Mom's Take: “Before we tried these, we were dealing with leaks every day. Now they’re rare. I love that they seem more comfy and how high they come up in back.” Jaclyn Del Re, mom of two; Bartlett, Illinois

Up & Up 

  • Last fall, Target updated its designs, including enhanced softness and a soft-stretch waist that moves better with your baby. 
  • Sales are frequent, and you can earn a store gift card by buying multiple boxes. 

Mom's Take: “The cutout for the umbilical cord in the newborn diapers is in the perfect place compared with other brands.” Julia Bryant, mom of two; Chicago


  • To keep its whimsical, eye-catching designs fresh, the company rolls out new patterns every few months, including limited-edition seasonal ones.
  • To shave down the cost by about 20 percent while upping the convenience, order recurring bundles through the Honest website: You get a month’s worth of diapers and wipes for $80.

Mom's Take: “The diapers feel like fabric, not plastic. It seems like whenever there’s news about a toxin in diapers, Honest has already weeded it out.” Liz Stura, mom of two; Chicago