6 Perfect Bottle and Pacifier Pairs

Match your pacifier to your bottle. Smart! And so cute!

Bottle and Pacifier Pairs Aaron Dyer
1. NUK

The Simply Natural bottle is the brand’s newest hit; the Orthodontic pacifier is a longtime fave. bottle, $6.50; pacifier, $5 for two.

2. MAM

Both the Anti-Colic Bottle and the Start Pacifier feature the company’s SkinSoft nipples; flexible and, yep, soft! bottle, $17 for three; pacifier, $7.50 for two.

3. Dr. Brown’s

The Options bottle, with a removable valve inside, helps fight colic, and the PreVent pacifier is designed to reduce dental issues. bottle, $7; pacifier, $6 for two.

4. Philips Avent

The wide-mouth bottle is so easy to clean, and the corresponding orthodontic pacifier is a parent fave. $21 for two bottles and two pacifiers.

5. Chicco

It’s no stretch for your infant to take the NaturalFit bottle, with its angled top. The Comfort Orthodontic pacifier matches it. $30 for four bottles and a pacifier.

6. Tommee Tippee

The Ultra Bottle and Closer to Nature Street Smart pacifier got fun makeovers. bottle, $30 for three; pacifier, $6 for two.