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Philips AVENT celebrates Natural Bottle's 1st Birthday

Philips AVENT launched its new Natural Feeding Bottle in July 2012. This bottle is perfect for mom's who want to make the feeding experience as natural as possible.

With its wide, breast-shaped nipple and unique comfort petals, the Natural Bottle encourages natural latch on and makes it easier to combine bottle and breastfeeding. The bottle also features an advanced, breakthrough anti-colic system featuring twin valve design, which reduces feeding discomfort by venting air into the bottle and not into baby's tummy.
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Beco Baby Carrier

Beco Baby Carrier helps you power through daily mommy/daddy duties, keeping you hands-free and keeping baby safe and close all the time. Now you can clean the house, do laundry, pick up your toddler from preschool or throw the game-winning touchdown pass, all with baby cozy in your Beco Baby Carrier.

Connecting with your little one from the beginning is essential for you and baby. Beco gives you the opportunity to truly bond through shared experiences, and develop a unique emotional loving relationship.
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Angelcare® Bath Support

The Angelcare Bath Support takes the worry out of bath time. This is the one baby care product every new mom and dad should have! Designed for comfort, the bath support is mildew free and hygienic.

The Angelcare bath support is recommended for babies up to 6 months of age. Maximum recommended weight capacity is 14kilos (30lbs). No assembly is required.
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Deliciously dairy-free Daiya

Daiya makes delicious products that are free of dairy, soy and gluten – three of the most common allergens.

If you can't eat dairy-based cheese or choose not to, deliciously dairy-free Daiya is a tasty addition to any of our favorite dishes.
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The StemCyte Difference

StemCyte has one of the most accredited and licensed cord blood banks in the world. StemCyte offers family banking at a leading public donor bank, and provides expectant parents the peace of mind that comes from a number of important and unique benefits.

StemCyte has supplied over 1,800 cord blood units to treat over 80 life-threatening diseases in over 300 transplant centers worldwide.
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Boppy. Support for all Momkind.

Feedings typically last up to 40 minutes, especially in the newborn months, so pick a cozy spot and get comfortable!

The Boppy Company has been supporting moms and babies for 24 years. The iconic Boppy Feeding and Infant Support Pillow has become a staple in the nursery, providing ergonomic support for both nursing and bottle-feeding.
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80 Years of Wash Wisdom

Dreft is the number one choice of pediatricians, moms and the real expert – baby's sensitive skin.

With your new bundle of joy , you may have to make a couple of adjustments in the way you wash clothes. Dreft will be on your side to tackle those tough baby-made stains while being gentle on baby's skin.

Dreft products can be used before the baby, on-the-go, in the nursery and on diaper duty.
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Prenatal Preparedness for You and Baby with Stuart Prenatal Vitamins

Your baby's first steps begin with your first steps. Every mom-to-be wants only the best for her baby.

It's important that you provide yourself and baby-to-be with everything important you can for a happy and healthy pregnancy.
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