Just Give Me A List

Whether navigating the aisles of baby superstores is your idea of a good time or a nightmare come to life, you need to buy some stuff. Here are handy lists for minimalists to shopaholics alike.


"Do you like the espresso diaper bag with the tangerine piping or the black bag with the copper trim? And what do you think of the inflatable breastfeeding pillow compared with the foam one?" During my pregnancy, I got emails like this every day—from my husband, Paul. In charge of our baby registry, he spent hours online researching the merits of audio versus video baby monitors. I found the world of baby paraphernalia daunting, but Paul transferred his passion for sports gear to an obsession with baby stuff.

Whether you're a minimalist like me or a shopaholic like my husband, buying baby gear requires detective work. To ease the process for others, I put together what I wish I'd had: a bare-bones list of essentials, and a list of products people like Paul find fun and useful, plus the scoop on buying used stuff.

The Minimalist's List Here, in no particular order, is a list of essential baby products for those who believe less is more.

The Shopaholic's List The items on this list aren't absolute necessities, but if you've just got to have all the trimmings, go for it.

The Lowdown on Hand-Me-Downs A friend from the office offers you the car seat that her son has outgrown. Should you accept?