5 Ways to Boost Your Pregnancy Style (Without Spending a Fortune on Maternity Clothes)

Crib Alyssa Milano's secrets to look like a million every month of your pregnancy.

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Brian Bowen Smith

Freely Mix in Your Pre-Preg Pieces

"Part of the fun of dressing while pregnant is finding non-maternity things you can wear that still look cute," Alyssa explains.

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Prepare to Put in Some Work

"Dressing your bump is a fun challenge. It's reminiscent of when I was a teenager, and I would go into vintage stores. I would find awesome clothes, but I had to search and dig," says Alyssa.

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Wear Shoes You Love

Alyssa Milano rocks a pair of metallic heels on Extra TV

Alyssa's footwear philosophy: "You can be in jeans and a T-shirt, but if you'e wearing the right shoes, you're going to look great." So true.

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Brian Bowen Smith

Grab a Cardi

"The belly is beautiful, the breasts are beautiful, but pregnancy doesn't do flattering things for your back. Add a top layer that covers your back, and you're set," she suggests.

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Don't Ditch Your Maternity Clothes

Don't Ditch Your Maternity Clothes After You Deliver

Alyssa wore her maternity yoga pants until her son was 8 months old: "Happily, too, by the way."

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