bold and beautiful

Why keep a sexy belly under wraps? Here'’s how to bare it.


The bare-belly craze isn’t going away, but the last thing you want to expose is the dry, flaky skin that can accompany an expanding midsection. To fight it, apply a gentle scrub using light, circular strokes, says Cindy Barshop, founder of New York’s Completely Bare Spas. Try Blisslabs Lemon Peel Body Polishing Scrub Cream ($28, Next, if you’re going to be outdoors, use a sunscreen with some sexy side benefits. Try Estée Lauder Body Shimmer Sunscreen SPF 15 ($23, on all exposed skin, not just your belly. Want to really show off your new body? Apply a coat of sparkling lotion or bronzer. Try Nivea Body Silky Shimmer

Lotion ($6;; Benefit Flamingo Fancy ($20,; or a crystal “tattoo” ($1 to $6; “A sunburst of crystals radiating from your bellybutton looks

amazing,” Barshop says.