Hot Shots

Commemorate your pregnancy with an arty photo portrait.


Expectant moms nationwide are posing for fine art (code for nude and semi-nude) photos. Why the trend? Los Angeles-based Susan Carey, who's been photographing pregnant women for 18 years, knows first-hand why they flock in front of the camera. "They see how beautiful, sensual and strong they are through these photographs," she says.

Like Carey, most pregnancy photographers use soft lighting, draped fabrics and natural-looking makeup to create tasteful—and flawless—images. It may seem intimidating to strip down, but the mom-to-be is given a chance to view her photographer's portfolio to choose which type of pose and how much exposure she prefers. Then, after a pampering makeup session and perhaps some soothing tea and relaxing yoga moves, she's ready to bare (almost) all. Most fine art photography costs from $400 to $1,400.