How to Hide Your New-Mom Dark Under Eye Circles with Makeup

closeup-of-beautiful-woman-eye-with-makeup-looking-up_600x600_shutterstock_173066633.jpg Giona Bridler/Gallery Stock

Having a cherubic baby of your very own? Super awesome. The late-night feedings and attendant under-eye circles? Less so. Follow these stealth makeup tricks, and you can lose those XXL sunglasses.

Step One

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Use a creamy foundation all over your face—putting cover-up only on your dark circles highlights them, says Pati Dubroff, a makeup artist in Los Angeles. Apply very sparingly under eyes to avoid accentuating fine lines and creases.

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Step Two

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Pat on an illuminating concealer from the inner to outer corners of your eyes. The finish reflects light, leaving skin looking glowy rather than tired. Choose a shade that matches your skin or is slightly lighter.

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Step Three

CoverGirl TruBlend Fixstick Concealer Drugstore

If you still see half-moons, gently dab a creamy concealer in a stick or pencil formula right in the middle of your under-eye area (where the shadows are darkest), then use your ring finger to blend. That should do it!

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