An Interview With Christian Siriano

This issue's guest stylist Christian Siriano shares his picks of what to wear for fall.


When Project Runway’s season four 2008 winner Christian Siriano collaborated with Moody Mamas for the launch of Fierce Mamas this spring, he changed the look and attitude of maternity clothes forever. Fit Pregnancy spoke with the celebrity designer (he created the exclusive outfit actress Elaine Cassidy is wearing on our August/September 2009 cover), along with Moody Mamas co-founders Marta Abrams and Elise Rosemarin, about their new maternity collection for fall 2009 as well as dressing for pregnancy in general.

Q What do you think Fierce Mamas brings to maternity wear?

Christian Siriano: Style and design. There’s not a lot out there, so women lose themselves and their creativity.

Elise Rosemarin: Having Christian behind us—he’s the first real celebrity designer to do maternity. He’s so artistic, one of the first things you notice are his special details like beautiful box pleats and whimsical ruffles.

Marta Abrams: Pregnancy clothing can feel a little serious. We design for the mom who still feels young and hip and wants to dress for dinner out with her husband or is working throughout her pregnancy.

Q What philosophy does your line reflect?

ER: Maternity clothing can have a negative connotation:

It’s functional, and after nine months, thank goodness you don’t have to wear it anymore. But pregnancy should be a time when you’re celebrating yourself. It’s nice to put on a dress that makes you feel pretty and good about yourself.

MA: We want to design pieces you will still be excited to pull out for your next pregnancy.

CS: It’s called Fierce Mamas for a reason. We want every mom to be fierce and fabulous. We want the woman to really feel chic and sexy, but still be comfortable.

Q Christian, what types of pieces should every pregnant woman have in her closet?

CS: Dresses are important because they’re so easy! You need an everyday dress to throw over leggings or wear alone with a great pair of flats. And a few on-trend pieces you can layer over basics will create so many more options when you’re getting dressed.

Q Are there any styles that a pregnant woman should avoid?

CS: I think she should stay true to her style choices. There’s no one piece everyone should avoid, but obviously there are some things that don’t fit the right way on everyone. Just don’t wear styles you wouldn’t wear otherwise—you shouldn’t lose who you are just because you’re pregnant.

Q What do you suggest for accessories?

CS: You’re going to want some great flats. Look for prints or other special details so you can look dressed up without necessarily wearing a heel, and then you can finish the look with a statement necklace. For everyday, you’re going to want an easy-to-carry tote that won’t feel too heavy.

Q Any final words of encouragement for pregnant women before they go shopping?

CS: Keep in mind, one or two pieces can really up your fall wardrobe. Just buy a few classic staples and hopefully some are from Fierce Mamas!