Maternity Fashion: 7 days, 7 ways

An entire week of maternity styles, each piece less than $60.

summer clothes_0.jpg

Looking stylish on the cheap has never been so easy. Pick a color palette, add a fun floral and you'll be set all summer long.

7 days 7 ways

Monday: 9 Seed top; Motherhood Maternity pants; Pierre Dumas sandals; bag available at "¨Marshalls; Sweetie Pie Jewelry necklace; Lucre"¨ by VonZipper sunglasses.

Tuesday: Motherhood Maternity dress; Kristin Kahle belt; Sweetie Pie Jewelry necklace.

Wednesday: Fierce Mamas for Moody Mamas"¨ by Christian Siriano top; Seraphine "¨overshirt; Motherhood Maternity pants;"¨Express sandals; Allison Daniel Designs"¨ necklace; MiMi by Sorrelli ring.

Thursday: Motherhood Maternity dress;"¨ Seraphine overshirt; sandals available at T.J."¨Maxx; The Limited bag; Sweetie Pie Jewelry necklace; Lucre by VonZipper sunglasses."¨

Friday: 9 Seed top; Motherhood Maternity shorts; MiMi by Sorrelli necklace."¨

Saturday: Fierce Mamas for Moody Mamas"¨ by Christian Siriano tank; Seraphine overshirt;"¨ Motherhood Maternity shorts; Express sandals;"¨ Allison Daniel Designs necklace."¨

Sunday: LAmade Maternity T-shirt;"¨ Motherhood Maternity pants; Old Navy sandals; earrings available at T.J. Maxx.