Quick & Easy Beauty

Look your best in five minutes flat!



1. Cleanse: Never skip this step, no matter how tired you are. Iif you do, you risk getting clogged pores and breakouts.) Use a cleanser with soft massage beads.

2. Freshen up your hair: Haven'’t had time to shampoo in three days? Don't worry. Revive your locks and stretch between-washing time by spritzing.

3. Apply a tinted moisturizer: Hydrate your skin while adding a subtle glow. Or add a bit of tinted highlighter lotion, to your regular moisturizer or foundation and apply all over your face.

4. Conceal: A touch of concealer can do wonders for fatigue-induced dark circles and the occasional hormonal breakout.

5. Add the finishing touches: Apply a coat of color to your lashes and to your lips.