Gifts Pregnant Women Want (And Really Don't)

When it comes to choosing gifts for a pregnant mama, there's a right way to do it and a wrong way. Here's a list in case you need to drop some last-minute hints.

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You Want: Sexy Maternity Lingerie

We have the scoop on what to-be mamas really need this holiday season. The first rule of thumb? Ask for something you can use—baby showers will bring in the gifts for baby, so allow your holiday wish list to serve you as mama instead. Pregnancy is a selfless time and a woman who is in the throes of it should receive a gift that's all her own. With that being said, hell hath no fury like a pregnant woman scorned, so ask and you shall receive. The first few items on the list are bound to go over well. The second batch? Not so much.

Sexy Maternity Lingerie

Pregnant women sometimes have a hard time feeling sexy but with the right accessories, it's totally possible. Items from Cake Lingerie would be particularly good options as they blend fashion and function—they're beautiful, sensual options for women to wear through pregnancy and become fully functional nursing bras after delivery. Really, there's nothing worse than receiving an ugly maternity bra as a gift while pregnant (more on that below) but pieces from this collection definitely don't fall into that category.

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You Want: A Safer Lounge Blanket

Hands up if you've found yourself building your baby registry with your laptop propped-up on your belly? If that's you and you want to do your best to avoid radiation from your laptop or cell phone while pregnant, but also love getting cozy, listen up: Belly Armor has partnered with Healthy Child Healthy World to make a limited edition organic belly blanket that donates $10 to the non-profit for every one sold. It's a win-win! ($79,

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You Want: A Set of Pregnancy Essentials

Get everything you need for these nine months in one tidy package. If you're looking for a stocking-stuffer with pizazz, this pre-made kit from Mama Mio ($36, Bed Bath & Beyond) makes a great easy gift for the list. On the other hand, your guy can totally get creative with a version of this gift—make his own kit of pregnancy essentials with things like cozy blankets, fuzzy slippers, decadent chocolates, gourmet pickles, sappy movies and organic bath products. Hint, hint!

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You Want: A Smart Watch for Your Workout

If you're keen to stay fit throughout this pregnancy—and there's plenty of good reason to do so—a smart watch with a built-in heart-rate monitor is definitely one to add to the wish list to make sure you stay at a healthy level of exertion. And OK, so this is technically not a Christmas gift since it's not available until January 7th, but it should be one of your New Year resolutions: Motorola is launching its Moto 360 Sport watch, which allows you to track your heart rate AND gives you wireless access to your favorite songs, GPS and fitness apps. Plus, if you're trying to get in that 30 minutes of exercise a day, this watch will keep tabs for you. It's like a personal trainer on your wrist., $299

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You Want: Preg-Friendly Perfume

If you've been reading Fit Pregnancy of late, you might have picked up on the dangers of using products with phthalates during pregnancy. Too bad it's in most of our favorite perfumes. If you want to stay smelling sweet all 9 months, look out for perfumes without the nasty ingredient, like those from Forager Botanicals, which are 100% plant-based and free from synthetics, parabens and dyes. The Woodland scent, with its notes of cedarwood, high alps lavender and sweet, rich herbs is ideal for winter—plus it's subtle enough for sensitive pregnancy noses!, $98

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You Don't Want: A Hideous Maternity Bra

Most pregnant women crave a little bit of glamor. After all, you might be keenly aware that when Baby comes, you may have less time for manicures and high heels—and chances are, you're already feeling frumpier than usual while pregnant. If you're going to ask for a nursing bra, make it a really sexy one (see previous). Those old-school, standard issue nursing bras, on the other hand? They don't belong tucked under the tree.

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You Don't Want: A Shirt That Says 'Preggers'

He may think it's a hilarious and appropriate gift, but trust us: so not chic. And anyway, why would you need a shirt to tell the world you're pregnant when the baby bump does a perfectly good job of that on its own?

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You Don't Want: Another Pregnancy Book

It might seem like a thoughtful gesture, but advice books don't exactly make fun gifts. Chances are you've found your go-to preggo bibles, and your gift should be something that won't send you into multiple fits of panic with every chapter.

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You Don't Want: A Bottle of Champers

No, it's not okay if they preface it with "you'll need it after the baby is born." Same goes for "I heard you can drink a little bit while pregnant." Come on, now.

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You Don't Want: Stretch Mark Cream

Yeah, just no.

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