10 Wall Decal Ideas For Your Nursery

Add a touch of whimsy to your nursery with removable wall decals.

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Flowers Decal

Welcome spring with these non-toxic flower decals. One set includes eight 12 x 40 flowers that can be reused as many times as you'd like without any additional adhesive.

Wallcandy Arts Happy Flowers Decal, $54 fawnandforest.com

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You Are My Sunshine Decal

Change up the feel of an already-painted room and remind yourself the words to this classic lullaby. The decal is available in 24 colors and measures 23 x 53 inches when displayed as shown.

You are My Sunshine Decal, $49, uwdecals.com

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Mini Drops Wall Stickers

Liven up a rainy day indoors with these mini rain drop decals. Made in two colors, black and neon pink, the set includes 44 separate drops that are approximately 1.5 inches high and are simple enough to accent baby's room from birth through preschool.

Ferm Living Mini Drops Wall Sticker, $21 fawnandforest.com

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Tree Decal

Holding out on learning the sex of your baby? Try this gender-neutral tree to add a pop of color to white walls. The vinyl decal comes in a variety colors (for different seasons) and can be combined with additional animal decals.

Fall Tree Extended Wall Decal, $84, etsy.com

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Jungle Wall Decals

This jungle scene, complete with a tree, leaves, baby animals and plant details, can easily fill a large space between a crib and changing table and measures 48 x 54 when displayed as shown. You can customize the size and colors the decals, which are printed with eco-friendly ink and approved by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

Jungle Wall Decal-230, $145, etsy.com.

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Pennants Decals

These pennant wall decals are perfect for celebrating baby's first milestones or making every day in their nursery a little extra festive. Made from adhesive fabric, the decal includes 12 brightly colored pennants that will add a pop of color to any wall.

Petit Collage Pennants, $60, fawnandforest.com

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Custom Photo Decals

A perfect way to start decorating your nursery, this set of four photos printed on reusable wallpaper can showcase images of your growing belly and family members. Start with a single set over the crib then add to the mix with photos taken throughout baby's first year.

Large Wall Decal Set, $30, pinholepress.com

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Family Tree

Introduce baby to all of the loved ones in his or her life by creating a family tree wall in the nursery. Choose between 30 different color options for one tree and four bird decals. Then, pick up a few frames and start building out your family history.

Family Tree Wall Decal, $98, etsy.com.

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Anchor Name Decal

Once you've got a name picked out, make it official with a personalized nautical decal. Choose from over 30 colors and select the height of the design.

Stars and Anchor Personalized Wall Decal, $48 for a 12" height decal, rosenberryrooms.com

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Swallow Decals

For a more vintage-feeling nursery, try using these fabric swallow decals. These reusable pastel stickers are subtle enough to stay in baby's room throughout her childhood.

Swallows, $60 fawnandforest.com

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