Animal Art For Your Nursery

From zebras to bunnies—art for every style and budget.

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Little Darlings

As the final days of your pregnancy rapidly approach, you've probably bought or received all of the essentials you'll need to bring your baby home, but what about those final nursery touches?

Whether you're just planning the space out or looking for some final accents to bring it all together, check out these adorable animal prints that will brighten your baby girl or boy's room.

Photographer Sharon Montrose's "Little Darlings" series features 12 different baby animal close ups, from zebras to ducklings, each one cuter than the next. Prints start at $25 for an 8.5 x 11 image and go all the way up to 40 x 52 should you want to fill an entire wall with these shots.

Little Darlings 8.5 x 11, $25 each,

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Nursery Jungle Animals

A set of five prints with different sets of animals including jungle animals, dinosaurs, woodland creatures and sea life provide the perfect pop of color on a neutral or white wall. Each 8 x 10 print comes in a variety of blue, yellow, orange, red and green hues to blend with any décor.

Nursery Jungle Animals set $70,

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Woodchuck With Chamomile

These beautiful drawings from Zoe Tilley would be perfect on a baby's gallery wall and add a bit of uniqueness to your nursery. Tilley uses graphite pencil for her illustrations, which come signed on vellum-surface paper.

Woodchuck With Chamomile, $10

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W is for Whale

These silk screen printed posters by Strawberryluna feature a different animal for every letter of the alphabet. Buy a set to spell out your baby's name (she sells three for $40), or stick to your single favorite letter or animal for $16 each.

W is for Whale $16,

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Red Bear

This red bear print from Banquet is drawn by hand, scanned into a computer and redrawn digitally before it's printed. At approximately 20x28, the print is large enough to stand on its own or anchor smaller pieces on a wall.

Red Bear $60,

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Lady Rabbit

Create a classy nook in your baby's new room with one of these dapper animals by Berkley Illustration. Choose from a variety of woodland and sea creatures in fedoras, pearls and three-piece suits—each only $10 for an 8 x 10 print.

Lady Rabbit $18,

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Jezebel Butterfly

Inspired by real-life butterflies and moths, these limited edition prints feature a specific butterfly or moth printed with ink and silk screened on to titanium white archival paper. Make one the focal point above baby's crib or pick up a few 24 x 18 prints for a larger wall.

Jezebel Butterfly $40,

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Fox Flowers

Add some fauna to your baby's nursery with one of these illustrations from Katie Vernon. At just $20, each animal is drawn with archival pigment ink and beautiful attention to detail. Personalize each illustration with a sweet quote or your family name at no additional cost.

Fox flowers $20,

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Come to My Party, Birds

Bring a little bit of Parisian humor to your nursery with this poster of pastel-colored birds done up with a bit of rouge and clown hats on a black and white background. Though the artist lives in France, all of her products ship to the U.S.

"Come to My Party, Birds" poster $26,

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