Baby Space

How to give your nursery a vintage look.


Q: How do I give our nursery a vintage look?

A: Make sure nothing appears glossy or new, says Norm Wogan of Norm Wogan Design in Los Angeles, who recently created an aviation-themed nursery for the infant son of Extra co-host Dayna Devon. He used such treasures as a World War II-era propeller, faux hot-air balloon (above the crib), old-fashioned airplane seat belts (for curtain tiebacks) and vintage pilot goggles.

An artist decorated the nursery with murals: an antiquated world map on the ceiling and renderings of classic planes on a wall. "We wanted an old Europe feel to the room," says Devon. "It looks like it's always been there."

Tips from Wogan on creating a "vintage" nursery:

-Give new furniture pieces an aged look using a nontoxic, baby-safe glaze or color wash.

-Search secondhand and antique stores, and browse eBay for unique and surprising room accents.

-Find fabrics with a worn look, or wash new fabrics repeatedly before using.