Inside Nick Carter's $50,000 Nursery: Ostentatious or Aspirational?

Here's your chance to peek inside the Backstreet Boy's pricey yet posh nursery for his newborn son Odin.

Nick Carter Nursery Julie Christman/

Want to know what a $50,000 nursery looks like? Then search no further than Nick Carter and his wife Lauren Kitt Carter's posh nursery for their new baby, Odin.

According to the New York Post, that hefty price tag includes renovations made to the room, as well as design and decor. And no, the crib isn't made of solid gold!

But the baby's room, designed by Stephanie Avila of Rockabye Mommy with crib bedding and linens done by Tori Swaim of New Arrivals, Inc., does feature antique hot air balloon-print wallpaper, industrial-style lighting and accents, a faux-fur baby blanket (which, come on, every child under the age of 6 months needs!), and of course an essential $2,500 couch. No, not for the living room. For the nursery.

Nick Carter Nursery 2 Julie Christman/

Don't forget about the $550 lamp in the corner of Odin's pad, which as all new parents know, is a piece of baby gear you simply cannot live without.

Nick Carter Nursery 3 Julie Christman/

Despite the seemingly ostentatious baby space, the Carter's nursery is pretty aspirational, and you could likely copy some of their ideas for far cheaper. Take the large letters that spell out the tot's name over the $700 crib: For a similar look, go to Michael's and purchase plain, wood lettering, then paint it any color you'd like.

The color scheme is also lovely, with neutral tones and navy blue accents.

Hey, with a few less throw pillows and sheets with a lesser thread count, your baby can live just like Odin. And if you don't spend $50,000 on your baby's room, you won't be nearly as upset as these famous parents will be the first time Odin spits up all over his herringbone sheets, or suffers a diaper explosion in the middle of his plush, gray rug. I guess they can always buy new ones!

What do you think of this nursery? Is it ostentatious or aspirational?

And here's something we can all agree on: How stinkin' cute is Baby Odin?

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