It's a Girl! Pro Tips for Creating a Pretty Nursery

Rosie Pope of the namesake maternity line and interior designer Vanessa Antonelli help you design a feminine living space for your little girl.

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Rosie Pope enlisted the help of designer Vanessa Antonelli to create the perfect nursery for her 2-month-old daughter Bridget Monroe. Vanessa created a feminine, functional space in Pope's home. Here, their tips that help you do the same.

We're so excited to hear all about the new baby nursery! Please tell us about the design and theme.

Rosie Pope: I wanted a room that would grow with Bridget as her needs in a room change as she grows and explores. I also wanted it to be a lovely imaginative place for our other kids to play and bond with our newest addition. The color theme is very girly and pure: white, pink, gold and charcoal grey, but I made sure the textures were exciting to spice up the room using leather, wall relief, papier mí¢ché and unconventional prints.

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How did you come up with ideas? Where did you go for inspiration?

RP: I always think about things that would stimulate imagination in my children's play when it comes to nurseries—unicorns, textures, colors, fabrics that are different—and then combine this with soothing elements so that the room is a relaxing place to be. Children's and baby's rooms should be like entering a wonderland world—you can take risks that you may not take when decorating your kitchen or living room!

What's your absolute favorite element?

RP: The DucDuc changing table with the gold hardware I added and surprise pink drawer interiors. I have to say, though, that my white leather oilo glider with pink piping is also a favorite of mine. Leather is so unconventional for a glider but it's sleek and easy to clean compared to fabrics like cotton!

What advice do you have for expectant parents when it comes to designing a nursery?

RP: Design a room that you love to be in as much as your baby because it's a room for both of you, as you will spend countless hours in there together bonding, playing and learning about each other.

How about advice for managing a household of four kids?

RP: It's the same advice as a household of one kid: learn to be in every moment so they don't pass you by in the chaos of everyday. It's not an easy skill but well worth working on.

Vanessa, how did you approach the nursery design this time around for Rosie?

Vanessa Antonelli: Rosie's personal style is soft and for a little girl, distinctively feminine. It's always important to me that the parents love the end result, so their opinion is my first priority.

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By Lisa Weber

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