Nursery Ideas: Colorful Polka Dots and Stripes

How to mix nursery decor in colorful stripes, dots and florals.

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How To Balance Color and Shapes

We are a bit addicted to stripes and polka dots. Pairing them together in a nursery can be a challenge.

The trick is to balance the proportion of dots and stripes and mimic the shapes throughout the room. Incorporating large fields of white to break up the color and introduce another pattern (like a floral rug) so the room doesn't become too busy.

Inspired by Fun Fetti fabric stickers from Pop & Lolli we designed a nursery that incorporates colorful shapes and textures for your new baby.

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Fun Fetti Fabric Stickers

Use these fabric stickers to create a wall of polka dots or group the stickers together to make a garland design.

Fun Fetti fabric stickers, 84 stickers for $67,

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Basic White Crib

A basic white crib is timeless and will last you multiple children. We love the simple unfussy spindles in the Anderson crib and how well it pairs with colorful crib sheets.

Anderson crib, $749,

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Stripe Crib Sheet and Skirt

If you really love stripes go wild and pair stripe sheets with a stripe crib skirt! This look mixes well because the crib sheet is a plain white sheet with a small thin stripe. Sheets available in Boysenberry, Light Pink, Yellow, Poppy, Grey and Marine colorways.

Sailor + Regatta Boysenberry Crib Sets, $44.00 – $74.00,

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Happy Mobile

Babies will love gazing at the color and texture created in this unique mobile featuring nine strings of happy colors and shapes.

Happy mobile, $78,

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Floral Rug

Break up the polka dot and stripe motif with a floral rug. The all over pattern will mask a number of sins including newborn projectile spit ups.

Better Floors and Gardens Rug, $299.00 - $699.00,

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Dot Cube Storage Bins

Polka dot storage cubes bring the pattern from the walls down to the floor. Mix and match the colors for playtime fun.

Dotted Cube Bin, $20 each,

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Tassel Window Panels

Pure white cotton window panels trimmed with colorful tassels break up the color in the nursery but mimic the shapes and textures.

French Tassel Window Panel, $58.00 - $98.00,

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