Nursery Motifs

Here are some ideas for your baby's room that have symbolic meaning in different cultures.


Baby Boy’s Room

Choose a cowboy motif with horseshoes, an ancient good luck symbol. Or opt for a barnyard scene with pigs, which signify good fortune in German culture. Check out the bold red horseshoe sheets (shown) at or the hand-embroidered barn set at

Baby Girl’s Room

Dragonflies symbolized strength among Japanese warriors, and ladybugs are beloved by farmers because they eat cropdestroying aphids. Find pink and brown ladybug bedding at or an Asian-inspired red and yellow dragonfly set at

Gender Neutral

An underwater theme with turtles (a longevity symbol in Chinese culture) or dolphins (a Native American image of protection) can lend the nursery an air of tranquility. The Turtle Bay Collection at features soothing cool blues and a subtle plaid, while dolphins glide among colorful tropical fish on the Pacific Dolphins Bedding from

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