Set A Mood

Playful lighting and soothing sounds can create a serene but fun atmosphere in your baby's nursery.


When you’re decorating your baby’s room, don’t forget that lighting is key in creating a calm and tranquil space for you both.

Today’s nursery lighting options go way beyond the average floor lamp or traditional plug-in nightlight that we all remember. Multi­tasking choices—sturdy and practical lights with contemporary designs that allow them to double as furniture, as well as portable options that light the way for nighttime potty training—can be clever additions for any modern nursery. Here are some tips from New York City lighting design consultant Clifford Starr of Light by Gregory.


Use in-wall dimmers and purchase dimming units for lamps.

Avoid placing lamps where the light shines directly into your baby’s eyes; indirect lighting will give the room an open, airy look.

Freestanding floor lamps can pose a hazard to exploring toddlers unless placed behind furniture.\

Soft incandescent bulbs are the most soothing; choose low-wattage compact fluorescent bulbs that provide warm “daylight.”

Always put safety plugs in outlets and keep all cords out of sight.

Sounds That Help Your Baby Sleep

CDS ($13) of household sounds and white noise.

The Original Slumber Bear ($27) A cuddly creature that simulates the sounds your baby heard in utero.

Bose Wave System ($499) Highest-quality sound for its size.

Geneva Sound L-System ($979) No tempting exposed controls.