7 Best Stroller Picks for 2016

No registry regrets! Choose one of these innovative strollers and step out in style with your baby.

5 Gorgeous Gender-Neutral Nurseries

Move over pink and blue. Whether it's going to be a boy, girl, or a surprise, little ones--and their parents--will love these unisex nursery designs.

Are Baby Nests the Next Newborn Essential?

This multipurpose item may be an essential addition to your baby gear.

How Are You Nesting?

Behold: The Breast Pump That Makes it Possible for Nursing Moms to Multitask

Can we get a "hell yes" for this breast pump, which might make it much easier for nursing mamas to pump?

The 7 New Rules for Your Baby Registry

Your big-day baby shower begins with perfect gift ideas, so now is the time to whip your wish list into shape. Our insider hacks ensure you'll end up with the best of what you really need.

Do the Kardashians Really Need People to Buy Them Baby Stuff?

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian reportedly received plenty of swag at their baby showerbut do wealthy celebs like them really need others to help them with their baby registry?

Would You Let an Expert FaceTime You to Check Your Car Seat?

Worried you didn't set up your car seat right? You have reason to fret: As many as 93 percent of first-time parents get it wrong. But this could change, thanks to a new video chat initiative from a handful of forward-thinking brands.

This Mom Wants to Help You Crowdfund the Maternity Leave You Deserve

Moms who aren't given paid maternity leave have turned to crowdfunding to help them swing things financially--and this new company aims to help them.

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