Registry Checklist

Baby gear for every type of mom.

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Just Give Me a List

The Minimalist's List

Here, in no particular order, is a list of essential baby products for those who believe less is more.

Baby Bed, Co-Sleeping Bassinet, or Crib Stroller Car Seat Diapers Baby Carrier Health-Care Kit Baby Bathtub Changing Pad

Feeding Necessities: Breast Pump Bottles

Layette: Baby washcloths (4-6) Bodysuits (4-6) Caps (1 or 2) Gowns/sleep sacks (3-5) Hooded towel (1 or 2) Long pants (4-5 pairs) Socks or booties (4-6 pairs) Sweater (at least 1) T-shirts (4-6, short- and long-sleeve)

The Shopaholic's List

The items on this list aren't absolute necessities, but if you've just got to have all the trimmings, go for these additional items:

Additional Carrier Diaper Bag Monitor Bassinet Bouncer Swing Diaper Pail Jogging Stroller Glider or Rocker Play mat

Five Handy Extras

Although not absolute must-haves, these five things will make your life easier, and perhaps even grant you some peace of mind.

Camera Camcorder Telephone Headset Life insurance Will

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