Shop Direct

Resources that help make shopping direct simple.


• Print: Reaching you at the right moment, when you are reading your favorite magazine, is a great way to provide you with the chance to hear about a new or existing product that is right for your lifestyle.

• Online: Where else can you shop 24 hours a day? Online shopping provides an easy way to compare prices, find specific merchandise, save money through special online-only offers and more!

• Mobile: Some of the most tech-savvy direct merchants are now sending exclusive offers – directly to your phone. One of the fastest ways to reach consumers is now being used to send out special sales alerts or messages that are time-sensitive. Assuring you that you won't miss that 1-day sale or discount that you've been waiting for all month!

• Catalogues: The best benefit of a catalog is that you can take it anywhere! You can shop on the train while you commute to work or while relaxing on the beach. You can even visit a merchant's website, go to the catalog page and simply "click" on the product you saw to order! It's that simple.

• Infomercials: Infomercials are the best resource for products that require demonstration. They provide the information you need before making a purchase and usually offer testimonials from satisfied consumers.

Tips for Shopping Direct

• Have your list of product numbers and pricing ready to go before you order.

• Take out your credit card or check so it's ready for payment.

• Look for special offers or discounts if ordering online or over the phone (sometimes listed in the catalog or on the merchant's homepage).

• Make sure you receive an email confirmation or confirmation number over the phone for your order. Don't forget to print it or write it down.

• Only shop on secure websites to ensure the safety of your credit card and personal information.

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