Smart Stroller Aims to Make Parenthood Easier

Meet Smartbe, the high-tech, smart, fancy, self-propelling stroller that just might make your life way, way easier. Sounds nice, huh? It comes at a steep price.

Smart Stroller Aims to Make Parenthood Easier Smartbe Intelligent Stroller/Vimeo

If you're a mom, you probably know that anything that can make your life a little bit easier is more or less invaluable. That's why you'll probably want to learn more about Smartbe, the new "smart" stroller that just might be able to take one major mommy duty off your hands. Literally.

According to TODAY, a team of designers is working on a self-propelling stroller that basically puts even the fanciest baby carriages to shame. An electric engine to help propel the stroller uphill, a bottle warmer, built-in music, a rocker, cameras, and three different retractable canopies—those are just a few of the bells and whistles this amazing stroller is set to include.

Smartbe's team understands what parents want (and then some) for a very simple reason: They've drawn upon their own experiences as parents for inspiration in creating this innovative product.

"I'm the father of two girls and I've had that problem when one wants to be in your arms and the other wants to be pushed," Mark Ramondt, Smartbe's CFO, told TODAY. "The simple addition of technology to a stroller is really beneficial."

The hands-free option this stroller offers could seriously make multitasking easier for moms—you may even be able to carry groceries or respond to emails while pushing a stroller with this technology, which works in conjunction with an app.

There's a catch, though: This stroller is far from cheap. According to TODAY, you can expect to drop around $3,000 for all these features—and yes, it's certainly a few steps up from your run of the mill stroller, that's a tough price tag to swallow.

And if the thought of losing control of your stroller scares you (visions of it whizzing down the hill, or getting into the wrong hands), there's a stop cord that connects to the parent's wrist at all times, which when pulled, puts the brakes on immediately.

So would you buy this stroller? We must admit, it scares us a little, but if it really does what it says it will, it might be a tough splurge to resist!

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