Sweet Songs for Baby

Whether in the womb, the delivery room, or during baby's first weeks, these lullaby albums are perfect for mom and baby time.

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Jack Johnson Sing-A-Longs & Lullabies for the Film Curious George

Rock your little one to sleep with the easygoing vibes of Jack Johnson. With the sing-a-long tracks, you can use your own voice to lull your baby to sleep. The classic lullabies from Curious George will make both you and your baby drift off to sweet dreams in no time.

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Nick Lachey: A Father's Lullaby

A special lullaby just for daddy and baby. Here's a song for when your husband is taking over the bedtime responsibilities. That way, the baby can have a specific lullaby to associate with daddy time. Bonus: an incentive for a break from bedtime duty for you!

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Rockabye Baby Mama's Starter Set

Lullaby renditions of hit songs to get you started with baby bedtime traditions. This set includes lullaby renditions of everything from Bob Marley to the Dave Matthews Band. It's the perfect kick-starter set for baby lullabies. You can incorporate your favorite hits—as lullabies--into the nightly routine with your little one.

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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star by Bach, Beethoven... and Baby!

Increase your baby's IQ with a classical lullaby. The oldie but goodie comes in a Bach and Beethoven edition. The intricate instrumentals will do wonders for your baby's brain (hey, yours too) and calm them down when it's time to sleep.

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Rock-A-Bye Baby by Acoustic Lullabies

Listen to the strum of guitars and clear voices as your baby drifts off into a deep sleep. Introduce the real deal to your baby. Trade in the electronically altered rhythms and tuck them in with the sounds of natural music and voices in the background.

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Baby's Broadway Lullabies Album

Incorporate the wonder and joy of musicals into your baby's lullaby. The top Broadway hits have been transformed into lullaby musical masterpieces. From "Castle on a Cloud" to "Toyland," you can bring Broadway to your baby at bedtime every night.

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Bruce Springsteen Lullaby Tribute Album

The heartland of rock still has a place in your baby's lullaby list. Literally and figuratively, rock your baby to sleep with some Springsteen classics altered into lullaby form. Rest assured, "Born to Run" made the list in the lullaby edition.

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Baby Close Your Eyes by Celine Dion

It's simple. Fill your baby's ears with a soft voice and flowing melody that will lull them to sleep in no time. A soothing voice can go a long way for bedtime, and it's one of the keys to a successful lullaby. Rock your baby to sleep with the rich voice of Celine Dion flowing through the room.

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Bedtime for Baby: 20 Classic Lullabies by Lullaby Experts

You can't go wrong with the tried and true all-time classics. This lullaby album is a savvy addition to any new parent's bedtime tunes. From "Hush Little Baby" to "You are My Sunshine," your baby is sure to have sweet dreams.

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Lullaby for Wyatt by Sheryl Crow

If you would like to infuse a little country into your baby's lullaby, then this is the song for you. Sheryl Crow wrote this song for her own child, Wyatt. The nurturing lyrics laced with a slight country flair make this a special bedtime song for your little cowgirl or cowboy.

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