There's a New Way to Play Music for Your Baby

They say that exposing your unborn baby to music can have great benefits—but do you really need to get this up close and personal while doing so?

There's a New Way to Play Music for Your Baby

Whether you want your kids listening to classical music or top 40 while in the womb, there's a way to get music closer than ever to your unborn child. Introducing Babypod, a high-tech technology—not for the faint-hearted—that allows pregnant women to stick tiny speaker devices into their vaginas, tampon style.

Yup. You read that right.

According to Babypod's website, this allows fetuses to clearly hear music, despite the fact that the device plays it at a mere 54 decibels, which is considered a "hushed tone." You can plug the device into a jack on your smartphone—there's even another sound output area on the connecter device so moms can listen to music, too.

But squeamish as this may make you, there's some benefit to the benefit, according to the manufacturers. Babypod's website points to a study that found that playing music vaginally is far more effective, as a baby can only hear muffled sounds through the abdomen.

Your unborn baby can hear sounds from as early as 18 weeks, when the bones of the inner ear and the nerve endings from the brain are developed enough. And let's not forget that playing music for the baby has its fair share of benefits: According to Babypod's website, music can generate neurological activity, cause emotional responses and even promote cognitive development.

For what it's worth, some users seem perfectly happy with the new technology. One even left the following glowing testimonial: "Exciting and beautiful. For me it has meant the first bonding with my baby. With the music the baby seemed to be dancing, moving arms, legs and head. Marvelous." Would you give it a try?