Zoo-themed Toys Your Baby Will Love

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Wild Fun

It's a feat to find prezzies your peanut will love as much as the wrapping, but we did! Look here for 5 of the coolest, cutest toys. Tested by real moms to rave reviews, these playthings crinkle and jingle, rattle and roll, make music and even help your little one learn about the world.

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Nice Cubes

Apple Park Woodland Soft Blocks, made from 100-percent-organic cotton, feature sweet baby animals—a porcupine, a squirrel, a fawn—as well as letters and numbers. Your sweetie will love stacking 'em up, knocking 'em down and hearing 'em squeak, rattle and jingle. Newborn and older.
($33, applepark.com)

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Mini Menagerie

Scooting little wooden pieces around a fixed wire track on the Wonderworld Toys Safari Beads Play Gym helps with hand-eye coordination. 12 months and older.
($50, smartgeartoys.com)

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Love Bug

Tomy Sweet Messages Photo Bug holds up to eight pictures and lets you or an adoring family member record an eight-second message to go with each one. 6 months and older.
($25, amazon.com)

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Hop to It

Suds up at bath time with Munchkin Snail Stacker, a floating toy that boasts three rings to play with, pile up and pull apart. A water-squirting flower makes a splash. 9 months and older.
($7, amazon.com)

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Wise Guy

Clip Earlyears Hooty Toot Bouncy Owl to your child's stroller so she can play with the crinkly wings and floppy legs while you run errands. Best of all, Hooty's belly is a mirror, so Baby can see just how adorable she is. "The mirror caught Clara's attention!" says mom tester Jayme Cambra. Newborn and older.
($11, amazon.com)

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A Real Charmer

As Peewee gains confidence in walking and holds Plan Toys Pull-Along Snake, its beaded body slithers side to side. 12 months and older.
($19.99, amazon.com)

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Bunny Fun

The soft, stackable Haba Magic Forest Rabbit has three colorful layers for Baby to mouth and rustle. "Frances loves the noise the rabbit makes when you shake it. She also got a kick out of the vibrating pull feature," says mom Jennifer Nellany. 10 months and older.
($24.59, amazon.com)

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Build a Bear

Manhattan Toy Puzzle Time Pals Bear comes in three chunky pieces—easy for chubby little hands to grab. As your cub matches the parts to the bear face, she hones her hand-eye coordination. 12 months and older.
($14.49, amazon.com)

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Go Ape

Your bubs will discover new sounds with Chicco Monkey Rattle. When he presses the trumpet, music plays, helping introduce the concept of cause and effect. 3 months and older.
($10, FAO Schwartz stores)

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Whale Watch

Stuff brightly colored tissues into Lamaze Franky the Hanky Whale's open mouth, pull them out his spout and, whoa! Your little one will be captivated. "Ryan loves it—and so do I," says Monica Lauro. "He's entertained long enough for me to actually get things done!" Franky's textures are intriguing, and bright bold patterns stimulate developing vision. 6 months and older.
($24.99, amazon.com)

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