12 Gorgeous Ways to Track Your Pregnancy


When you're pregnant, there's nothing more fascinating than watching your body change. How amazing is it that you can produce a baby and carry it for nine months? Though we're sure you (and your partner) will snap lots of photos during your pregnancy, if you want to track your bump month-by-month, steal one—or all of!—these creative ideas.

There's An App For That

Cinemama Pregnancy Tracker App iTunes

You've surely seen—and maybe gotten teary-eyed—over those time-lapse videos. With apps like CineMama, from the March of Dimes and available on iTunes, you can now make your own! Take weekly or monthly photos and then turn it into a video once baby arrives. (Psst: you can also track things you'll want to remember but might forget, like your cravings!)

Go Old School

Chalkboard - Pregnancy Week by Week The Design Confidential

Stop by a yard sale or thrift store and snag a chalkboard that you can decorate each week. You can list fun facts—like the size of baby or how you're feeling—along with how far along you are. Then, have your leading man snap a photo of you next to the board, with your tummy on display. (And if ya want, you can also use it to track baby's growth once he's here like this blogger did.)

Keep it Private

Journal - Pregnancy Week by Week Phil Jones/Shutterstock

If hashtags and posts to the world aren't your thing (you do you, Mama), then keep a pregnancy journal instead—check Etsy for some cute design ideas. You can opt for a personalized one that will be a treasured keepsake for baby to page through when she's older.

Pick One outfit

Same outift - Pregnancy Week by Week Studio 1One/Shutterstock

It's a big commitment, but just think of the photo collage you can make for Instagram! Find a top and bottom (or a dress) that you'll wear each month or week. Using the same outfit—or at least color scheme—will illustrate just how much your bod is transforming.

All Hands In

Fingers - Pregnancy Week by Week jessmcclenahan.com

Want a unique spin on monthly photos but don't want to put that much effort into it? We feel ya. Take this approach and just hold up fingers to show what month you're in. It's that easy, ma.

Belly Growth Chart

Belly growth chart - pregnancy week by week Egg2Cake/Etsy

If you have a toddler already and you have a fancy growth chart to show his height (what ever happened to door frames?)—splurge and buy one for your bump, too. What's cool about this is you can literally watch the shape of your belly take form over the weeks. And if your first-born is big enough to help, let him in on the fun.

Stick it To Ya

Belly stickers - pregnancy week by week Project Nursery

You might not be wearing those trendy belly necklaces anytime soon, but you can wear a belly sticker (and OK, don't feel you have to actually wear it on your belly)! These come in all sorts of colors and designs, so pick the one that matches your nursery!

Your Baby is the Size Of...

Fruit - Pregnancy Week by Week taramara78/Shutterstock

...an apple? A melon? You know you're already obsessively reading how big your babe is each week, so why not document it in a photo series? Plus, it'll be a fun challenge for you and the hubs to take each week: Find the produce!


Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Selfie - Week by Week kimkardashian/Instagram

Ask any new mom and she'll (gladly!) show you hundreds of photos of her babe. As for you, pregnant lady? You might have more than a few photos—and eventually, videos—of your tummy. Set an alarm on your phone to take a pregnancy selfie each week (a la Ms. Kardashian)—though it might get harder and harder to get your face and your bump in the frame the closer your are to delivery.

Take Notes

Notes - Pregnancy Week by Week GaudiLab/Shutterstock

Pregnancy brain ain't no joke, but if you remember to write down little notes from your 40 weeks (even if it's just in the notes section of your iPhone), then you can make a pretty amazing pregnancy announcement like this one.

Skip the Countdown

Photo shoot - Pregnancy Week by Week Creativa Images/Shutterstock

Don't want to take a weekly or monthly photo—or ya know you'll miss a few, so why bother? We say nix the whole idea and just have a really fun (and aww-inducing) photo shoot with your hubby instead.

Write a Letter to Baby

Letter to baby - pregnancy week by week Dragon Images/Shutterstock

If writing is your forte—or you want a memento from each week of pregnancy—write a short letter to your babe and pose with it. Warning: when she graduates from college and you give these to her, she's going to roll her eyes, cry ... or both.