Month 2 (weeks 5-8)

Your Body

Your weight gain may be slight--up to 6 pounds in the first trimester. Some women may even lose weight if nausea prevents them from eating normally; others may gain 5 to 7 pounds. The fatigue, queasiness and breast tenderness that began in the first month may continue for a while.

Your Mood

As in the first trimester, you might be joyful one minute and irritable the next. Your feelings may run the gamut from weepiness to excitement to disbelief that you're really going to have a baby. You also may be worried about the risk of miscarriage.

Your Baby

By the end of this month, the embryo measures about 1 inch from head to buttocks, the size of a large olive. Features are distinctly human: Bones, fingers and eyelids have developed; ears, the upper lip and tip of the nose become recognizable.

Tips (For Months 1-4)

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