Month 3 (weeks 9-12)


Your Body

By the end of this month, the embryo measures about 1 inch from head to buttocks, the size of a large olive. Features are distinctly human: Bones, fingers and eyelids have developed; ears, the upper lip and tip of the nose become recognizable.

Your Mood

Fear and excitement grow along with your belly. If you're super body-conscious, it may feel strange to have a little pooch, but remember: You're not fat, you're pregnant!

Your Baby

Your baby's embryonic "tail" has disappeared and you're now officially carrying a fetus. The size of a large goldfish (with a disproportionately large head), your baby weighs 1 ounce and measures about 3 inches from head to buttocks. Most organs are operating, and by the end of this month recognizable external genitalia will develop.

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