Month 7 (weeks 25-28)

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Your Body

As you enter your third trimester, you may notice increased fetal activity. You also may experience increased breast tenderness; leg cramps, particularly at night; and tingling or numbness in your hands (talk to your doctor if it persists or is unbearable).

Your Mood

You're daydreaming about your baby, trying out names, wondering what he will look like and imagining your new life as a family. If your weight gain upsets you, avoid looking at the scale during doctor's office weigh-ins.

Your Baby

Your baby is 15 inches long, the size of a football. His length has tripled--perhaps even quadrupled!--since the 12-week mark. His eyes are beginning to open and close, and he can suck his thumb. He now has a regular sleep cycle, and even dreams.

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