Months 9 & 10 (weeks 33-40)


Your Body

You could deliver anytime now. Fatigue, as well as your size, limits travel and work. Frequent urination disrupts your sleep. You might experience strong, regular fetal activity, as well as intense or frequent Braxton Hicks contractions.

Your Mood

If it hasn't already, the nesting instinct hits--big time--making it difficult for you not to purchase every adorable baby item you see and stay up decorating and sorting. Eagerness for childbirth makes you restless, while fears about labor may cause you to be apprehensive. Use this time to relax and read, and, even though it's fine to sit around doing nothing, try to get out for a walk each day.

Your Baby

By weeks 37 to 40, the fetus is considered full-term: approximately 19 to 21 inches long and 6 to 9 pounds. Your baby has enough fat to maintain his body temperature (with a little swaddling and cuddling help from you!). The placenta continues to supply baby with antibodies that will help fight infection after birth. Breastfeeding will provide additional protection--and all the nutrition your infant will need. Get ready, here he comes!

Tips (For Months 8-10)

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