Fresh-Squeezed Juice, Now More Accessible Than Ever

Here's why.

TropicalKickstart541-Jamba-Juice.jpg Jamba Juice

Juice is having a moment: You've seen the paparazzi shots of celebs sipping green juice, you probably know someone who has completed a juice cleanse, and maybe you've even done a cleanse yourself to drop those last few pounds of baby weight.

But if you've found juicing to be expensive and difficult (a 5-day cleanse can cost you upwards of $200 and requires serious dedication), you'll be happy to know that the movement is headed in a much more approachable (and accessible) direction.

Prime example: Jamba Juice is expanding its fresh-squeezed juice menu to over 500 Jamba Juice stores nationally. Starting June 2nd, you'll see more high-nutrient whole foods, like kale beets, cucumbers, apples, and oranges on your local Jamba Juice menu (if your go-to JJ doesn't have the new menu already).

Not only does this mean you no longer need to commit to pricey cleanses to enjoy the benefits of fresh-squeezed juices, it also means you have a guaranteed nutritious breakfast/lunch/snack option almost everywhere you go. Happy sipping.