Baby's Top Chef



I feel like we lucked out: We found a nanny share that makes childcare (semi-) affordable, with a lovely little girl a couple months older than Leo. The family is great and Leo and his little friend play adorably. But most importantly, our nanny, Elizabeth, seems really warm and available to Leo, and in the 2 months we’ve known her he’s really come to love her. In fact, he loves her so much he often waves with delight when I say goodbye. And then there’s her cooking. Leo is clearly way more into Elizabeth’s Mexican rice than any of the bland stuff I’ve been feeding him. I could take this personally, but instead, I’m going to remind myself that all I could want for Leo is a caretaker who really cares. And I’m declaring a cook-off. Look out nanny Elizabeth, I’m getting my apron. Stay tuned for judge Leo’s picks…

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