Big Plans for the Weekend

Leo's 16th month


This Saturday it rained and Aaron and Leo went to their first music class. I had Big Plans for while they were out. Not the mani/pedi/latte/New York Times kind of plan either. I wanted to clean the floors (we're a no-shoe household, and we're becoming a "sorry about your socks" kind of house!). So I cleared the breakfast stuff, then got out the vacuum… And I was just putting it away when the guys came in.

I had Big Plans for Leo's nap time, too. I thought I might get to mop, but first I made lunch and packed (yup, it requires packing) for a trip to the library in the afternoon. Leo was up before I was done, and off we went to exchange Truck Duck for Moo, Baa, La La La. Since it was still rainy, we hung around reading and examining the minutiae of the library. Leo likes rivets and other negligible fixtures, and he enjoys watching older kids. I enjoy watching him wander about, fixating on the most unexpected nooks and crannies of life.

It was nowhere near dinnertime when we made our way back home, so out we went again to get Leo a haircut, a green balloon, and some second-hand shoes. Buying new shoes every 3 months is losing its charm.

That night, we put Leo to bed, then made meatballs and chili for the freezer. I considered mopping, but we ended up watching Murder on the Orient Express instead and I fell asleep on the couch.

On Sunday, I took Leo to the park with our neighbor-friends Steph and Sadie. After Leo's mini-nap, we walked to a street fair that a friend who works in neighborhood development had helped organize, and where another friend, who plays music for kids, played a concert (the DeedleDeedleDees). We took the bus back exhausted. Leo brought home a red balloon to add to his collection.

Aaron watched the game while I made Leo a quesadilla. After he was asleep, I considered mopping, but we opted to eat quesadillas in front of our movie instead.

Then, somehow, it was Monday morning. The floors are still dirty, there's surprisingly little in the house to eat, and we're exhausted, but I'm reminded that the Big Plans aren't nearly as important as the little plans that we make up as we go along. We had a fun weekend.

Black Bean and Zucchini Quesadillas