Dipping Into Something New

1.26.10: Leo's 20th Month


Just moments ago I was reminding myself that being a mom is a pretty impressive job. Then, last week, I was nesting like a smug little sparrow. So what happened? Suddenly, I’m a desperate housewife:

I forced myself to make a soufflé for dinner because the ingredients were going bad and I’d had the recipe out for a week, and the effort nearly flattened me. I have a beef heart in my freezer (I thought I was buying beef bones for stock, ack!). My toddler will not eat anything unless it is accompanied by a dip and ketchup no longer cuts it. I can’t ignore the state of our house because I’m hosting playgroup this week, there’s a pile of laundry in the hamper that I can actually smell, there’s a new yellow potty in the middle of our living room that none of us has a clue what to do with, and I’m exhausted because Aaron and I were up all night watching Star Trek because, after going on about how charming our son is, we ran out of things to talk about. What the mommy-blog!?!
It’s late January. Tomorrow the chances of wind and rain are 100%. Today I spent my me-time taping peek-a-boo books back together. Oh, and working out for 30 minutes, after which I was forced to consume a cereal bar while leaning on the vending machine it came from because I started seeing stars. Great.
What’s that you say, you’re still stuck on the beef heart? Me too! It’s wrapped in butcher paper and frozen solid. Too important to the cow to throw out, so I’ve been trying to find a good heart recipe. Apparently you can sort of stew it, if you trim away enough of the I’ll-spare-you parts. I like a kitchen challenge, I enjoy liver, Leo dipped his banana in hummus for lunch today, and Aaron is usually an open-minded eater, but, well, I was thinking beef soup. With noodles.
Do you ever get the sense that you’ve been wanting to do less for so long that your, er, success has snuck up on you? Well, probably most of you few, hardy readers (thanks guys!) are too busy and/or tired to relate. I suppose I’m busy and tired too. But somehow, by letting some stuff slide, making time to focus on some stuff, and then trying to be fully present for the life that’s left, well, I’ve succeeded in boring myself. Could this mean it’s time to dip into something new?